CBRN Mobile Laboratory


4S designs and maintains CBRN mobile laboratories vehicles. These mobile laboratories integrate very advanced functions all gathered in a secure mobile unit. They make it possible to carry out environmental monitoring and rapid intervention on a zone exposed to a CBRN risks of contamination (of type nuclear, radioactive, biological or chemical).

They have a complete system of decontamination allowing a team member, protected with a CBRN protection equipment, to leave the vehicle in the contaminated zone and then to get back inside the vehicle after decontamination.
According to the configuration and the equipment selected they allow:

  • To carry out CBRN monitoring (atmospheric, liquid and solid sampling, with systems of aspiration of aerosols, ground sampling system, etc.) with uninterrupted analysis.
  • To send alarm in real time in the event of CBRN contamination.
  • To quickly identify and quantify the CBRN agent, by on board analysis.
  • To transmit information and results to a distant headquarters.
  • To ensure the storage of the samples, their transport and their traceability.

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