UDHv: Unit decontamination for able bodied persons

Unité de Décontamination

UDHv allows CBRN decontamination of people at hospital structures entrance. The unit is installed in a container; it is designed for the treatment of people able to walk and take shower by themselves. The module is arranged with two lines of treatment. Each line has 4 separate cabins allowing: Undressing, decontamination, rinsing and drying/control/dressing.

UDHv can be stored and stay ready to use for a long time. It is studied to allow hospitals and other health care services to have a means of decontamination, able to be set-up very quickly (less than 5 minutes) in the event of the arrival, at the hospital entrance, of people potentially contaminated. A bigger decontamination facility can be made up by associating other UDHv and/or UDHi according to desired capacity of treatment.

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UDHi: Decontamination Unit for disabled persons


UDHi allows CBRN decontamination of people at hospital structures entrance.  The unit is installed in a container; it is designed for the treatment of invalid people. The unit has two vast cabins large enough to accommodate and move a stretcher. The station is arranged in a line of treatment including two distinct zones. A first zone is dedicated to stripping and decontamination of the victim, the second zone is for rinsing, drying and control of the victim.
Just like UDHv, UDHi can be stored and stay ready for a long time, offering a means of decontamination, ready to use in less than 5 minutes at any time, in the event of a need for people decontamination.

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UDL: Lightweight Decontamination Unit


Fix- or Mobile configurated modules with easy transportation (ALW < 7.5T) are fully functional in a few minutes. It allows CBRN decontamination of able bodied persons and disabled persons with undressing, decontamination, rinsing and drying/control/dressing steps.

Very quick LDU deployment and implementation.

Depending on configuration and features, the LDU module can be set down on the ground and is operational as soon as installed.

4S Design and chosen materials allow high level of safety : separated air-tight Cabins, Air flow  Control, sleek cabins for easy decontamination

Simple integration on the rigid unit allows easy reconditioning for a longer lifetime.

The LDU can also be customized on demand (design, equipment, etc.).

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