Our Projects

Every project is carried out in close cooperation with the customer to provide the most appropriated solution and services.

Products & Services developed by 4S address a broad range of needs: perimeter security, supervision, access control, detection of illicit or dangerous materials, detection of risks, secure communications, etc . 4S products can be used in a wide range of markets: from the security of territories to the security of private installations.


Test bench of CBRN protective masks

For the French CBRN research center (DGA MNRBC, Paris region), 4S has developed and continues to maintain a sophisticated test bench for apparatuses of respiratory protection. This equipment allows tests on human carriers, or on a simulated system, under various climatic conditions. Its capacity and accuracy allows for important improvement in the design and validation of protective masks for very toxic chemicals. By this development 4S contributes to the guaranty of the efficiency of CBRN protective equipment both for military and civilian use.


Vehicle and secure cabinet for special chemicals transport

4S as developed and delivered a light vehicle specifically designed for the transport of special toxic chemical products. This vehicle integrates various safety devices and features, in particular a secured cabinet for transport (fire-resistant, impact resistant, etc.).


Security of industrial sites in Saudi Arabia

4S, in partnership with Safer World Group (USA), participated to the design and deployment of the security system of the industrial sites of the Modern Chemical Company in Saudi Arabia. Protection of these sites, required the leading-edge technologies as regards detection of intrusion (active fences, very long range infra-red cameras, optical barriers), of monitoring and access control (biometrics, contactless pass, X-rays scanners, explosive traces detection, under vehicles control) and of video monitoring.


CBRN Mobile laboratory maintenance

In Saudi Arabia, for the needs for Civil defense, with its local partner, 4S provides a global expert support in the field of CBRN protection. 4S carries out actions of maintenance on laboratory vehicles and ensures training assistance.